SIA BALT MED were founded in 2016. The company's concept is to enter the markets of other countries in the field of laboratory diagnostics. Specializing in equipment and consumables for HLA-typing.


     The company is focused on the final result and uncompromising in the issues of quality, efficiency and reliability of the equipment supplied. We organize our processes in such a way as to guarantee our customers well-organized and timely deliveries, responsible project management and competent start-up and adjustment of laboratory systems. This allows us to be an authoritative partner in the implementation of products for laboratories, as well as for end users and for trading companies.






     The company employs highly qualified specialists. They are our main asset. By training them and developing their professional skills, instilling loyalty to the company and its values, we managed to create a workable and friendly team of like-minded people and professionals capable of solving the most difficult tasks.