Dear suppliers!

We are always glad to new suppliers. If you would like to cooperate with us, please read the criteria that characterize the principle of BALT MED's work with new partners.

Currently, BALT MED has a well-established system of suppliers. Nevertheless, we are interested in expanding the circle of partners and are always ready to consider proposals for cooperation, if new candidates are able to offer the most attractive and versatile options for cooperation.


1. Principles of work with suppliers
We strive to create and maintain partnerships with our suppliers. That is why our cooperation we propose to build, guided by the following principles: honesty and transparency.

We guarantee that the offer of any supplier for the supply of goods or services will be considered.


2. Conditions for selecting suppliers
The quality of the goods offered by the Supplier to the delivery, as well as their packaging (packaging) must comply with all international requirements and standards.
The price offered by the Supplier for the supply of goods must correspond to the market level of the prices for the acquisition by the Organizations of similar goods.


3. Your advantages

The following suppliers can have the advantages (with obligatory observance of item 2):

Suppliers, who own modern technologies of accounting and sales of goods.

Suppliers who systematically conduct advertising campaigns to promote brands - subject to other equal conditions.
Suppliers, ready to jointly promote their products.

4. Conclusion of the contract
To conclude a cooperation agreement with SIA "BALT MED" you need to send a completed counterparty form

and certified copies of constituent documents by e-mail

In case of a positive decision, the responsible person will contact you.